FUJIGARA (b.1993) is a photographer and storyteller best known for her ongoing project, ORANGE RIBBON, creative photo magazine about child abuse issues.

FUJIGARA’s passion for exploration began in sublimation for her experiences of childhood abuse.

Her first photo magazine, ORANGE RIBBON, was successfully published in 2018 to a global audience, and it’s available at Daikanyama Tsutaya, TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR and some bookstores in Taiwan and she has recently published her second photo magazine KAGERO

FUJIGARA’s work has been featured by NEUT Magazine

Since her background living with wild animals in nature, FUJIGARA is also a member of the Spiral Club, an environmental community which aims to create a society where more people can learn and think about the environment together.

2018年、自らの幼少期の体験を元に、児童虐待問題をテーマにしたPHOTO ZINE「ORANGE RIBBON」を制作、代官山蔦屋書店や台湾、TOKYO ART BOOK FAIRにて販売を開始。他、役者や哲学者、アーティストなどのポートレートを中心に活動を拡げている。現在、写真集を制作中。

摂食障害になった過去や動物と暮らした経験から食や環境問題にも関心があり、Spiral Clubのメンバーでもある。数年前からペスカタリアンで、現在は薬膳や漢方、アロマについて勉強中。

幼少期についてのインタビュー *NEUT Magazine

老いについてのインタビュー *NEUT Magazine